Our beginner lessons are aimed at being your first introduction to surfing covering:

  • Surf, water, beach and board safety.

  • Emergency procedures when at the coast.

  • Prone surfing (lying down).

  • Paddling and catching white water waves.

  • Learning how to get up to your feet.

  • Riding with control in white water waves.

Consider these lessons if;

  • you have never surfed before

  • you have not surfed for a long time

  • you feel you need some more help from our coaches to master the basics, (prone surfing, getting to your feet)

  • you are not sure of surf, water or board safety.


These lessons can cover any of the following; Improving the basic techniques covered in our beginner lessons, paddle out techniques, learning white water turns, surfing etiquette.

On smaller days we can cover; catching unbroken waves, trimming, learning about more advanced turns, basic speed generation.

Consider these lessons if;

  • you have had a few beginner lessons

  • you are catching and riding white water waves

  • you are wondering how to progress further.


These lessons cover a wide range of skills and techniques to help you improve including:

Reading waves, learning or improving duck dive/turtle rolls, paddle effectivness to catch more waves, trimming left and right, generating speed, bottom turn, top turn and cutback techniques.

We can also cover:

Paddle effectivness and positioning, generating more power through turns, more vertical turns, roundhouse cutbacks, floaters, snaps, reo's airs

surfer performing a forehand cutback with the early mornig sun catching the wave
surfer performing a forehand cutback with the early mornig sun catching the wave

Consider these lessons if;

  • you are confident paddling outback on smaller days, (minimum waist surf)

  • you are catching some unbroken waves

  • you have a good knowledge of surfing etiquette

  • you want to catch more waves and progress to the next level.



The following are all available to book online via our "BOOK NOW' buttons.

Beginner, Improver surf lessons and Surf equipment hire.

Stand up paddle board lessons and Hire.

Kids weekend surf club, After school surf clubs and University surf club lessons.