bodyboard rental


Hiring a bodyboard for your visit, not only saves a huge amount of space for travel, it also means you don't need to store it at home for the rest of the year, and our quality boards won't snap on their first outing!


Wish you had more space when packing for your holiday?

Fed up of buying cheap boards that break after five seconds?

*£5 daily hire or only £17 weekly

*Daily hire only available for 2.5 hours, on days wiith surf lesson bookings.

*Weekly hire, from Saturday to Saturday.

Amobile phone displaying a booking page a thumb is bout to click book now
Amobile phone displaying a booking page a thumb is bout to click book now

Book your rental, pay and complete hire forms in just a minute or two.

Simply use the 'Book Now' button from any screen or hit the button below to book.

For large groups we recommend you have all the adults emails to hand, so our system can send them the necessary pre-lesson documents.



Every year thousands of cheap polystyrene boards are bought in the UK. Yes they are designed to be cheap, and disposable, but the environmental cost of these products is staggering. Manufactured in China and incredibly flimsy, most snap ending up in landfill, being incinerated, or even worse still they snap releasing tiny polystyrene balls into the marine environment, posing a tremendous hazard to the marine environment and ultimately us. Every year a high number of these disposable boards are dumped by the rubbish bins in Borth and Aberystwyth

If you do want to buy a bodyboard, please consider buying a quality one that will last years.

Better still rent one for a fraction of the cost, save on storage and have more space to travel.

Here at Aber Adventures, we would like to see the sale of polystyrene bodyboards banned in the UK and worldwide.