How to book 4 KIDS WEEKEND SURF CLUB LESSONS for a huge discount.

  • Click the ‘Book Now’ button.

  • Find ‘Class Pass’ for ‘Kids weekend club’.

  • Puchase a ‘Class Pass’.

  • This issues you with a voucher code. (It will also be emailed to you).

To use your ‘CLASS PASS’ code.

  • Click the ‘Book Now’ button.

  • Navigate to ‘1 X Kids Weekend Club Surf Lesson'.

  • Select the date you wish.

  • At checkout, enter your code into the box ‘Apply Code’.

  • Continue to follow the instructions to sign disclaimer and questionnaire, (we need this information for every lesson).

  • We highly recommend finalising the set up of the Eola account, which is automatically created with your purchase, so you can return to any part of the process.

How to gain access to your Eola account.

  • You can follow the process through to finalise your account, if this is your first purchase.

  • An Eola account is automatically set up, with your first booking and uses the email used in the booking.

  • Go to• If you have not set up a password or can’t remember it, use the ‘Forgot Password?’ funtion to gain access to the account.

  • When you have access to your account, you can enter it to complete, disclaimers and enrolment questionnaires, which we need for every lesson. Failing to complete these, can mean delays at the beach, while we sort it out.